The Philippine National Games was instituted to serve as the ultimate challenge and ground to bring out the best of the national team athletes and the emerging ones.

This also serves as the main source of possible composition of the National Pool Athletes that will compete in international sport arena such as Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games and Olympic Games.

Develop the ideals of discipline, teamwork, camaraderie, unity solidarity, competitiveness and fair play among Filipino athletes and sports enthusiasts and serve as inspiration to encourage other people to engage in sports for a better Philippines


The Philippine National Games (PNG) was created by virtue of Executive Order No. 163 dated March 3, 1994 under His Excellency former President Fidel V. Ramos.

The Philippine Sports Commission in coordination with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), former Department of Education Culture and Sports (now Department of Education (DepEd),) have launched the Philippine National Games (PNG) as the “centerpiece program” towards the next millennium.

That the Philippine National Games program is envisioned to effectively address our need for a truly comprehensive grassroots sports development program, generating sports activities in the countryside and harnessing the full potential of our people to athletic excellence.

That all Local Government Units (LGUs) constituting the Physical Fitness and Sports Development Councils consist of officials of barangay, city, municipal and provincial are directed to extend full support and active participation in the Philippine National Games.

Although Executive Order No. 44 series of 1998 states that PNG is a biennial event but it was Implemented annually since its inception.


● PNG is an open tournament where every Filipino individual with athletic potentials, in or out of school can join and participate
● There is no participation or registration fees
● participation expense (travel fare and meals) are for the account of the participating LGUs or by the individual participant
● Free billeting in selected schools is extended for the participants (athletes, coaches,trainers,delegation officials)


● There will be two (2) competition divisions

- JUNIOR DIVISION – For ages 16 to the maximum age to be set by each of the National Sports Associations (NSAs)
- ELITE DIVISION - All those above 18 years old who do not fall within the Junior Division

● All athletes in the PSC payroll are required to compete during the PNG
● Priority athletes who lose during the PNG shall be downgraded in its classification
● PSC shall provide meal allowance to the PSC national pool athletes (payroll) who compete in the PNG
● PSC shall provide free billeting to the national athletes
● Foreign-Filipino athletes are allowed to join in the PNG at their own account
● Foreign-Filipino participants/competitor who won GOLD medal during the PNG shall be reimbursed for their airfare



◊ To form an Executive Committee that will decide on any issue regarding the Philippine National Games
◊ To establish a national secretariat that shall serve as the nerve center and working arm for the smooth implementation of the program
◊ To formulate the necessary policies and regulations in consultation with other agencies involved the shall govern the relationship of parties/entities involved
◊ To enter into Agreement with the POC, NSA,DILG,DepEd and other private or government agencies as may be deemed necessary for the smooth implementation of PNG
◊ To impose sanction on any individual or entity whose action/decision shall prove to be inimical to the interest of the games


◊ The POC as mandated b y the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the umbrella organization of all the National Sports Associations (NSAs) in the Philippines
◊ To assist the PSC in coordination with concerned NSAs as far as the Technical management of the games is concerned
◊ To help oversee the technical management/operations of the PNG
◊ To serve as advisory body to the PSC,DILG and DepEd
◊ To assist the PSC in the planning, information dissemination, actual implementation and monitoring of related policies


◊ Recognized by the POC and PSC, these NSAs are responsible in determining the Technical Guidelines of their respective sport
◊ The NSA also has the sole authority in determining the age limit of their respective sport in accordance with their respective international rules and regulations. These all ages per sport shall be posted in the PNG website
◊ To technically manage and operate their respective competitions including the appointment of Technical officials (Affiliated)
◊ To conduct technical officials’ meeting and seminars, if deemed necessary
◊ After the PSC initial screening of Athletes Entry Form, the NSA shall further review, screen and allow the participation of athletes regardless of their membership with the NSAs local chapter or representatives

DILG and DepEd

◊ The DILG and DepEd are part of the Organizing Committee of the PNG
◊ To extend technical assistance whenever necessary
◊ To take the lead role in their respective organizations in mobilizing resources and in disseminating vital information for a well-coordinated event


◊ To encourage their constituents to participate in the Philippine National Games and provide funding for their respective teams’ uniform, food, transportation and other incidental expenses. They may also provide monetary incentives for their winning athletes if they opt to
◊ Responsible for the decorum and management of the entire delegation and its delegations’ adherence to technical rules and regulations of the games
◊ To register athletes, coaches and delegation officials as part of the delegation and certify the regularity of all their submitted documents as requirements of the games


□ Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar
□ Individual Entry Form downloadable from the PNG website
□ Delegation Master List


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