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Philippine National Games

What is the Philippine National Games?

The POC-PSC NATIONAL GAMES shall become a yearly national championships for all sports - to assess the expanse of athletic potentials as by-product of your national programs, to serve as the ultimate challenge grounds to bring out the best of the national crop and the emerging ones, and finally, to serve as the final "ranking and selection ground" for possible composition of the national pool, and from which the team for the future international competitions (e.g. SEA Games, Asian Games, Olympics, Etc...)
Fundamental Principles

The Philippine National Games is an integrated Olympic-style multi-sports national competition. It is envisioned to be the centerpiece of the goverment's phycial fitness and sports development program, whick would spur activities in the grassroots level and enhance the development of elite athletes for international competitions.

The objectives of the Philippine National Games

1. To provide the structure for a truly integrated and comprehensive national sports program linking grassroots sports promotion to elite sports development.

2. To serve as the government's premier national sports competition to be held once every two years.

3. To encourage all local government officials to promote the development of sports in the countryside covering all barangays, towns, municipalities, cities and provinces.

4. To encourage and assist various National Sports Association in promoting their respective sports at the grassroots level providing the necessary linkages with local government units.

4. To encourage the entire citizenry to participate in physical fitness and sports activities in furtherance of the Philippine Constitution 's mandate for the State to promote physical education and sports, to foster self-discipline, teamwork and excellence for the development of a healthy and alert citizenry.

6. To serve as the pinnacle of a unified sports promotion and development program, bringing together in harmony and solidarity all sectors in sports, public and private. The Palarong Pambansa, and other local sports competitions organised by the LGUs and/or the private sector, shall serve as "feeder"and preparatory program for the PNG.